About TGWP

The back story –

The Games Wii Play was actually started a long time ago, we started as GameImposter and we covered everything about gaming from Retro to Xbox360.

Soon realising that Nintendo was our actual passion, a change over occurred and the site went dead for a little while (6 months), recently (Sept 2012) we decided to change the name to TGWP and focus only on Nintendo products and products for Nintendo consoles only, this way you, the readers, can get up to date info on all your Ninty things and not have to wade through pages about Xbox360 and PS3.

We are passionate Nintendo fans and we are writing for you!

The future –

We know where we want to go, however, we need your help. If you like an article or leave comments on the site, Facebook and on twitter that helps us out a lot as that spreads the word about what we do.

Expect game reviews, previews, podcasts and lots and lots of great Nintendo related articles.

The people –

This site is all about the people that run it, we are a dedicated group of gamers who love talking about games, especially Nintendo.

We are always looking for writers and staff in general, so please contact us if you’re interested. jcburt85@gmail.com is the contact email.

The art –

You may have seen drawings about articles that we have up, well these are done by our in-house aspiring artist Gareth Bryan who came on board TGWP as of Oct 2012.

If you like his art please visit him on these links and tell him he’s awesome, FB PAGE   TUMBLR PAGE.


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